Hardwood Firewood

*We are out of firewood at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience!*

We sell split firewood cut 16-18 inch lengths by a processor.  Special orders can be cut to your length.  It can be picked up by the face cord.  

A face cord is a stack of wood that is 4 feet tall, by 8 foot long, by 16-18 inches in depth.

   Wood Pellets 

   We sell Premium Wood
   Pellets by the ton or by the
  40 lb bag.  Our own  wood 
  chips and sawdust go into 
  these pellets and they burn
  cleaner and hotter than 
  many other brands.

    New England 
  Premium Pellets

     Delivery Available 

  $225 Per Ton -  Cash Price
                                          FOR 3 OR MORE TON
  $235 Per Ton -  Cash Price 
                              FOR 1 TON
  $235 Per Ton -  Credit Price
                                  FOR 3 OR MORE TON
  $245 Per Ton  -   Credit Price
                                  FOR 1 TON      
  $6.00 Per 40# Bag