About Us

Arthur Bowman purchased his first sawmill for $150 in 1926, and sawed hemlock for barns for farmers as a side business to his own farm on Route 11 in Castle Creek, New York.  During the depression years, he delivered firewood and potatoes to Binghamton, New York.  

His son Melvin joined in a partnership with his dad in 1955 and then bought out the business in 1969.  Melvin bought the first automatic mill and upgraded with an in-feed deck and log turner.  A.D. Bowman & Son Lumber Co., Inc. was incorporated in 1974.  A third generation, Joel Bowman, started working here part time at the age of 14 and has been managing the company since 2002.

A new sawmill was constructed at the present site in 1978-79 with room to grow.  A pallet mill was added in 1985 with the buyout of Rejmer Manufacturing in Berkshire, New York.  Due to the lack of electricity supply, expansion and upgrades were limited; so a generator was installed in the fall of 1989 allowing for increased production of both lumber and pallets.

With continued growth, came other by-products such as BARK MULCH, chips, sawdust, and FIREWOOD.  Each product is marketed so that we use the complete log as it comes to our mill from our logging crews.  

We now hire over 45 people with the fourth generation stepping into leadership.

Our family does its best to serve our customers well and be good managers of America's most renewable resource - trees.

Welcome to A.D. Bowman & Son Lumber Company!  We are located between Route 11 and Inerstate 81 just north of Binghamton, New York.
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